Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q. How to open a commercial account with Aqua Pure Depot ?


Q. How to order at Aqua Pure Depot ?


Q. What are the products offered at Aqua Pure Depot ?

Q. There a warranty on Aqua Pure Depot products ?

  • Aqua Pure Depot offers a warranty through the manufacturer . If the product is covered by a warranty from the manufacturer, Aqua Pure Depot will take care of the claim on your behalf.

Q. How to claim for a product or part under warranty ?

  • A RGA number is required,please contact us to find out how to get a number.

Q. Is Aqua Pure Depot open to the public ?

  • Aqua Pure Depot is not open to the public. However, to find the closest retailer contact-us.

Q. What's the opening time ?

  • Aqua Pure Depot is open Monday to Friday at 8h to 16h30. Please take note that we are closed between 12h and 13h.